Speed Watch

Speed is the leading cause of all motor vehicle accidents in British Columbia every year and is responsible for many deaths. 

The North Vancouver Speed Watch program is conducted in partnership with the police, volunteers and ICBC. Speed Watch is a high profile volunteer program designed to raise awareness among motorists of their speeds on major roads and in residential areas.

The Speed Watch Team can attend a site that has been identified either through a citizen’s complaint or by request of the North Vancouver RCMP Traffic Section. The team can set up in school zones, children’s playgrounds, high crash locations and in local neighbourhoods picture of 4 volunteers and speed reader board

The Speed Watch Team setup the radar display board which advises oncoming motorists that they are entering a radar zone. The drivers get an instant readout of their vehicle travel speed as they pass by. The location, speeds and total number of vehicles going through the radar are recorded. The information is passed on to the Traffic Section. Resulting from this information, Traffic Section may assign officers to enforce the speed limit in that area.

Volunteers also record the description and plate number of vehicles that are traveling over the speed limit. (volunteers do not have direct contact with any vehicle or driver) Warning letters are then sent to the registered owners. Monthly statistics are also forwarded to ICBC.

If you would like to request the Speed Watch Team to your area, or learn on how to get involved, contact the City Of North Vancouver, Lower Lonsdale Community Policing Centre (604-969-7465) or the District of North Vancouver Crime Prevention Centre (604-990-2342).

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