Don’t be surprised if we stop you for riding your bike without a helmet

2022-04-17 11:31 PDT

As summer approaches, cyclists are once again taking to the streets in bigger numbers. We're letting the community know that officers will be out making sure cyclists are following the rules of the road, wearing helmets, and equipped with the proper lights at night.

Did you know?

The BC Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations state operators of cycles have the same rights and duties as a driver of a motor vehicle. This includes things such as stopping at stop signs, obeying traffic lights, stopping at crosswalks, and staying on the right hand portion of the road way.

Can you get a red light ticket as a cyclist? You bet, and the fine is the same as it is for drivers: $167. Failing to stop at stop signs, failing to yield to pedestrians, and disobeying traffic control devices are all ticketable offences whether you're behind the wheel or astride the saddle.

Wearing an approved helmet is also mandatory, unless you have an exemption.

The above photo shows that wearing a helmet:

There's no question that helmets save lives. A proper fitting helmet should be:

Helmet fines include:

If you plan to hit the road after dark, make sure you know the rules about lights and reflectors. Cyclists riding at night must have the following on their bikes:

The fine for riding without proper lights or a reflector is $109.

While these are the minimum requirements for riding at night, if you want to increase your safety, follow these additional guidelines:

cyclists riding at night with reflective clothing

Patrol and traffic officers will be out in force both day and night, looking to enforce bicycle helmet laws and ensure cyclists are visible, following the rules, and staying safe.

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