A fail in two cities

North Vancouver

2020-11-18 09:54 PST

After receiving an immediate roadside prohibition for failing a breath test in North Van last night, a driver admitted to spending the evening drinking at a friend's house in another city, contrary to PHO orders.

"It's recklessness compounded by more recklessness," said Sgt. Peter DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP. "It's bad enough that someone would drink and drive, which obviously risks the safety of other people on the road. It's that much worse when the person does it in a way that increases the risk of spreading COVID-19." While the driver faces penalties under driving legislation, no tickets were issued for any COVID-19 related offenses.

officer holding screening device showing "fail" reading

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The driver was stopped by officers conducting a drinking and driving roadblock in North Vancouver. "We're more committed than ever to making North Van streets safe," said DeVries. "We're very proactive with our initiatives aimed at improving road safety, which is one of our strategic priorities," he said. "And even though our efforts are set against a backdrop that is dominated by this pandemic, we aren't going to let up."

Officers continue to sweep the streets in search of impaired drivers, said DeVries, despite the added COVID-19 prevention measures officers are required to follow. "We wear masks and gloves, and maintain physical distance where possible, and we have roadside screening devices. We have to ensure the safety of the people we interact with, whether that's asking them to stand on the sidewalk instead of the road, or using COVID-19 prevention measures," he said. "That's a cornerstone of police safety training, and COVID-19 just added another risk to mitigate."

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"Our officers are still able to take the steps necessary to conduct impaired driving investigations even while observing COVID-19 safety precautions," said DeVries. "We're used to it now. We're not stopping. We're not slowing down."

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