Weekend road safety enforcement: a safer streets snapshot

North Vancouver

2020-10-05 08:22 PDT

Improving road safety isn't just an aspiration for North Vancouver RCMP; it's a reality. A snapshot of some enforcement over the weekend reveals hard truths about the need to remain vigilant.

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"It was a busy weekend, but not a great deal busier than usual," said Sgt. Peter DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP. "Our frontline and traffic unit officers suspend drivers and impound vehicles regularly. Seeing that enforcement listed like this, though, clearly demonstrates the need for ongoing enforcement." North Vancouver officers are proactive when it comes to stopping excessive speeders and nabbing impaired drivers, said DeVries, not only in enforcement, but also in reminding people about the dangers and penalties associated with failing to follow the rules. It is clear that some people aren't listening.

"We can warn drivers about speed and alcohol over and over again, and we do," he said. "But some drivers remain wilfully deaf to our warnings, and those are the ones we will find, stop, and remove from the road."

The list below represents some of the enforcement conducted by officers over the weekend, but is not an exhaustive list, and does not list any traffic violation tickets they issue each day.

Friday, October 2
Saturday, October 3
Sunday, October 4

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