It’s unusual business, as usual, as North Van RCMP respond to shifting crime patterns

North Vancouver

2020-04-21 09:56 PDT

It’s unusual business, as usual, as North Van RCMP respond to shifting crime patterns. Five recent arrests underscore the Detachment's perseverance despite unique circumstances.

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In the past week North Vancouver Detachment has received an increased number of inquiries about crime trends and their relation, if any, to the COVID-19 pandemic. "Many variables affect crime patterns," said Sgt. Peter DeVries. "The Detachment’s operations are predicated on that fact and on the collection, analysis and dissemination of data by our crime analysts. All of this is assessed in light of the many years of experience represented by our staff," he said. "That assessment informs where and how we deploy, and that is no different now than it was two months ago."

The Detachment’s various units are structured to be responsive and flexible, and are made up of a foundation of vigilant frontline officers and support staff. Frontline and plainclothes officers continue to proactively patrol our communities and arrest offenders across North Vancouver, said DeVries, from Capilano to Deep Cove. In the past few weeks five individuals were arrested, either for thefts from vehicles in parkades, offences after trying car door handles along residential streets, or for offences related to stolen bicycles. "In four of those cases we were able to secure evidence of thefts from vehicles, and in one of them the person was arrested in Vancouver while in possession of a bike stolen from North Vancouver." In each case, investigators are, or soon will be, recommending BC Prosecution Service lay charges for a variety of offences.

"Sure, we’ve seen increases and decreases in crime types and frequency, but that’s nothing new," said DeVries. "Crime patterns are always shifting. Sometimes we see a drop in a particular crime because a prolific offender has just been arrested, or we see an up tick as a result of a prolific offender being released. At other times, we see a rise or drop along with changes in the weather. For example, at Christmas time we often see increased shoplifting and during tax season increased mail thefts." Variability is par for the course for the Detachment, and whether current fluctuations are related to the pandemic or not isn't clear, he said. "What is clear is that it doesn’t make a difference in how we respond."

Officer in Charge of North Vancouver RCMP Superintendent Ghalib Bhayani acknowledged the current pandemic has posed unique challenges. "Our community has been working hard to keep balance while the ground beneath us keeps moving and shifting," he said. "The North Van community has done an excellent job of adapting, of coming together and supporting one another. Our officers are right there beside you, and we'll stay beside you all the way."

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