Happy April fools day! Now wash your hands and press play.

North Vancouver

2020-04-01 06:00 PDT

RCMP Crest and West Vancouver Police Crest

Sgt. Peter DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP and Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy of the West Vancouver Police are hoping an April fool’s day video they made together will give people a much needed laugh. They’re also using the video as a platform for reminding the public to use physical distancing and to follow guidelines provided by the Public Health Officer in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.



Hi. I’m Constable Kevin Goodmurphy with the West Vancouver Police

And I’m Sergeant Peter DeVries with the North Vancouver RCMP

These last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for everyone. We are all working through unprecedented challenges, and we’re doing it together.

We know that all Canadians are struggling with this virus, with the devastating illness it can bring, and with the anxiety and hardship it has created. Please know, our hearts are with you.

Last month, we created this video on our own time, our "April fools video." In the video, it's obvious we weren't using "physical distancing". That’s because back then, COVID-19 hadn't arrived on our shores. We hope today everyone is following that rule along with every other public health recommendation. We know that’s what we al need to do.

We also know it’s been hard to find laughter lately. Hard, but not impossible. After all, we are Canadians, and our humour, especially our willingness to laugh at ourselves, is part of our National identity. And in times like these, we all need a laugh every now and then.

We also want you to know that your first responder community will be here for you through this crisis, keeping you safe, no matter what.

Be kind. Be calm. Be safe. And find a way to laugh.

[new video]

Hi, I’m Sergeant Peter DeVries with the North Vancouver RCMP.

And I’m Constable Kevin Goodmurphy with the West Vancouver Police.

We’re out here today just to announce, uh, a new joint force operation that we’re running in the North Shore mountains here.

Yeah we’re extremely excited about this new, uh, collaborative project addressing some concerns that people have expressed in the backcountry.

It’s uh… we’ve, we’ve called our unit the... IFELL, integrated forest enforcement uh law league, and we’ll be in the North Shore Mountains doing some enforcement.

What are you enforcing?

Uhhh, so… speeding, um…

Speeding’s a big one



There’s bears… here, so…

There are. I saw one.

And uh, yeah, just keeping everyone safe.

Alright, so we’re gonna be, uh, demonstrating some of the, uh, the tactics we’ve been working on here, so…

Are you ready?





Ugh! Oh. Nope nope nope.

Are you ok?

Yup, nope. I’m good.

I think it’s supposed to, I think you’re supposed to do that.

Get the wheel. Get the wheel.

It’s OK. This is, uh, so we’re, we do, they, part of this training is, you know, learning how to maintain our bikes if things go wrong so this is part of, uh, part of the tactics that we’re working on.

Yeah, let’s go.

Ah, I didn’t get it.

Oh, that was awesome!

You OK?


Ah! Uh. I’m OK!

Yeah, so if we’re chasing someone, and we’ve gotta take ‘em out, ok,

Ghost ride!

Ghost ride!

I think it’s ok.

Is it broken?

That’s ok.


I mean that’s part of, that’s part of, you know that’s the cost of catching guys.

Sure is. Worth it!

So this really today is just, uh, proof of concept. We do feel that, um, you know, the hard work we’ve put into this is really gonna pay off, there have been a lot of involved, uh, stakeholders, community members and, uh…uh… You know, we hope to launch sometime…

I’m ok!

Um next fall

I’m alright…

Maybe beginning of winter…

It was just a log!

We’ve taken into consideration the, the the weather conditions may be deteriorating. Ah, we have good, robust tires and equipment that we will put on, uh, our, our mounted units, so we uh, we really think this is gonna, gonna be a win for everyone.

So we uh, we still have to put decals on the bikes, we haven’t, we haven’t gotten to the point where we’ve been able to get the proper stickers, but, um, you know, these are, ah, not, um, I mean they’re not top of the line, but, you know, they’re functional.

Yeah, they work.

They have, uh, the bike’s pretty good.

I really like the… some good features, you know this has a, sort of a, a springy seat so that makes things a lot, you know, for tactical dismounts, for… ghost riding,


For example, it makes it a lot easier to get off the bike, so…


Um you’ve got the rat-trap, in case we need to carry ticket books…

Carry things, people, extractions out of the, you know, back country, things like that.

Yeah, they can tie on there, so.

Um, good hill climbing bars.


I… I did have two. Uh, I’m down to one for now, but, you know, adapt and overcome, really, all…

That’s just, that’s what this game is all about…

That’s our motto I think…

Yeah, it’s about overcoming.

So, if you feel this is a valuable, well… I mean, obviously it is really valuable,

It is. We feel it’s valuable.

Yeah. Well and I think that’s pretty clear. Um, you know, write to your mayor, wrote to your MLA, let them know that this is something that the North Shore needs.

Yup. Hope to see you in the back country.

Let’s go.

This way!

Well, how do you think did?

We did OK.

I think so.

We practised a lot.

Those skids were awesome.

They were the best.


They were so good,


What was that?





[end of transcript]

It’s amazing how different things were just a few weeks ago, said Sgt. DeVries. The concept of ‘physical distancing’ was totally foreign to everyone, including us.

We dreamed this up together over coffee, back when we could still get together for coffee, said Cst. Goodmurphy. We wanted it to be a silly April Fools gag, but now we hope it can be used as another vehicle for the message about physical distancing.

If it gives you a chuckle, pass it on so it brightens someone else’s day, said Sgt. DeVries. Please make our bumps and bruises worthwhile.

And pass it on even if it doesn’t make you laugh, said Cst. Goodmurphy. Hopefully it will be another step toward planking the curve.

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