RCMP looking for suspect in mischief to North Van Detachment

North Vancouver

2020-01-30 11:20 PST

North Vancouver RCMP are looking for a suspect who vandalized the Detachment building this morning and are pleading with the responsible party to turn themselves in.

"This morning at approximately 9:00 AM, a suspect was positioned somewhere above one of our entrance doors," said Sgt. Peter DeVries, with North Vancouver RCMP. "The suspect appears to have dropped something hard, possibly a nut, in an attempt to crack it open. The glass above the entrance was shattered, and the suspect immediately fled the scene. We are asking that suspect to come forward. Do the right thing and take responsibility for what you've done."

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Officers are upset and a little shaken by the random act of vandalism. "You think the glass is shattered? We're the ones who are shattered," said DeVries. "This is not at all in keeping with the sort of kindness and warmth we always see in the community. It's unsettling."

Police have only a vague description of the suspect:

According to investigators, the suspect may bear a resemblance to the following mugshot:

"The suspect's lack of any distinguishing features makes this case particularly difficult," said DeVries. "But we do know a few things. We know how they get around. We know about that whole strange flock migration over the city every evening. And we know they like to talk. Our hope is the one responsible will talk a little too loudly, and that someone might overhear. We're asking anyone with information about this heinous act to get in touch with us."

Investigators are consulting with E Division Air Services in an effort to determine if any of the RCMP planes or helicopters have any operatives working undercover in the community who might know who the suspect is. "We want to find this suspect, apprehend them, and make sure this happens... nevermore."

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