Quick operator helps bring kite surfer back to safety

B.C., White Rock, Federal Serious and Organized Crime

2021-06-22 16:00 PDT

File # 2021-3509/11345

The quick thinking of an RCMP operator helped to avoid a possibly more disastrous outcome on Sunday evening when a kite surfer needed assistance.

On June 20, 2021, at 5:12 pm, the White Rock RCMP received a request to check the wellbeing of a kite surfer who may be in distress on the water beyond the White Rock Pier. The kite surfer was approximately 4 km out into the bay and appeared to be having difficulties as the wind had died down. A BC RCMP Federal Border Integrity Operation Centre (BIOC) operator noticed the call and immediately engaged the BC RCMP Federal Shiprider crew that was on the water in the area. Within 30 minutes of the original call, Shiprider located the grateful kite surfer just south of the Canada/US border and got him safely to shore.

RCMP vessel

Fortunately, the kite surfer was rescued before he required any medical attention, said Staff Sergeant Sean Powell, in charge of Shiprider. The BIOC operator was a crucial component as her awareness of the White Rock call and current maritime operations expedited the surfer’s safe return.

The BIOC is a Federal tactical and operational command center that provides support for the Shiprider Program when members are on the water and to other Federal units with ongoing operations. The BIOC monitors the 911 system as well as various technologies and maritime operations to help keep Canada’s border secure.

The RCMP Shiprider program is a legislated border security partnership between Canada and the United States. Shiprider sees the RCMP partner with the US Coast Guard in a modern, innovative solution to targeting cross border criminality, along with other criminal activities on shared waterways. Shiprider has been actively engaged in protecting Canada’s border during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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