BC RCMP Safety Scavenger Hunt

Hey kids is your family prepared for an emergency? Are you on Spring Break & need some self quarantine help? Try the BC RCMP Safety Scavenger Hunt to test your emergency preparedness.

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Scavenger hunt page 1 questions. Text equivalent below.

Scavenger hunt page 2 questions. Text equivalent below.

1Take a photo of you with your emergency contact information
(but don’t share online) – Give yourself 5 points
2How many smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors do you have in your house? Where are they located. – Give yourself 2 points for each one, give yourself 5 extra points if you know when they were last replaced or the batteries were changed. 
3Did you know your emergency contact telephone numbers? Give yourself 3 points for each telephone number you knew without asking. 
4What is the name of your nearest hospital? Check a map to make sure you are correct. – Award yourself 4 points for the correct answer. 
5Write the telephone number you call in an emergency on a piece of paper 10 times in 10 different colours – Give yourself 10 points if you can complete this from start to finish, including finding the pencils or pens, in under 1 minute. If it takes you longer than one minute, award yourself 5 points. 
6Go to your emergency kit and check the contents, how many things are expired? Dock 1 point off your total for every expired item. Don’t have an emergency kit, dock 10 points off your total. 
7Where is your fire extinguisher? Give yourself 2 points for each one. 
8Find the emergency water shut off – Give yourself 5 points. 
9Find a flashlight and check the batteries – Give yourself 3 points for every flashlight and 2 extra points for one with working batteries (Don’t forget to check and make sure that the batteries have not been reversed to ensure they work when you need them). 
10Name 10 non-perishable food items starting with the letter S – Give yourself 1 point for each:
11Design a floorplan with emergency escape routes – Give yourself 10 points if you already had one, give yourself 5 points for a new one. 
12Uh, oh! Fire Drill! Grab your pets and walk in an orderly fashion to your emergency meeting spot outside your home – Don’t know where that is? Dock 3 points, award yourself 5 points if you knew where it was. 
13Now that you are safe outside PRETEND to call the Fire Department to ask for help, you will need to tell the dispatcher your address. – Award yourself 5 points for knowing your address or dock 5 points if you don’t. 
14Before you rush back inside take a look at the stairs and paths leading to your house, are there any tripping hazards? - Dock 1 point for each hazard, if there are none award yourself 2 points. 
15Is your house number visible from the street? - Give yourself 3 points for a visible number or dock 3 for one that isn’t. 
16Do you have a security camera, motion lights or a house alarm? - Award yourself 2 points for each. 
17Do you have a bicycle? Have you recorded your serial number, or is it inscribed with an identifying number? - Give yourself 5 points for each bicycle you have recorded the serial number for, or is inscribed with an identifying number. Give yourself 2 points if you do it now and an extra 2 points for taking a photo. 
18Find the non-emergency line telephone number for your local police, write it down and post it next to a home phone, or on your refrigerator – Award yourself 3 points. 
19Road Trip! Go to a parent’s car, check to see if they have left a garage door opener or extra key inside – Dock 10 points for each item left inside, give yourself 10 points if you can’t find either. 
20Was the car parked outside, was it locked? – Give yourself 3 points for a locked car, or dock 5 if it wasn’t. 
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