The True Meaning of Christmas


2017-12-07 11:34 PST

File # The True Meaning of Christmas

A local Mom has expressed her heartfelt appreciation for how local Mounties and a local auto body shop pitched in to help her daughter through a tough time.

It all started on November 17th when the 28 year old single Mom’s car was broken into. The young lady was very upset as this was not the first but second break in to her car. Each time thieves smashed out a window. The attending officer noted plastic covering one of her windows from the previous break in. The young Mom told the officer she had no idea how or when she could afford to get her windows fixed.

Investigators did however have some good news for her as they were able to determine who was responsible for breaking into her car. When told of this, the young lady said she did not want to proceed with charges because in her mind, she figured the thief must have been going through a hard time to do something so drastic. Her response to a bad situation touched a chord with the attending officers.

The next day the same investigator came by her place and told her he and his fellow officers decided to cover the cost of her deductible so she could get her windows fixed. They also gave her a $25 gas card. It got better when Speedy Auto Glass was told of her situation; they decided to waive their fees and fixed her car windows free of charge. When told of this, the single Mom burst in to tears.

The officers were so impressed with her outlook on life and that she was a working Mom just trying to get by with her young son, they continued with their generosity. With her consent they told her they would be honoured to support her at Christmas, complete with a fresh turkey and gifts for her young son. Not surprisingly she told the officer she didn't want anything for herself and that Christmas was all about building memories for her son to have and cherish.

Our officers were profoundly moved by this young ladies empathy and compassion for others and felt compelled to give something back to her. They recognized she encompassed what we all struggle to find at this time of year- the true meaning of Christmas, said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

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