Auto Theft Info & Tips

 Did you know...

...that theft of vehicles is on the rise?

After a decade of significant decreases in auto crime due to increased use of prevention measures, police enforcement initiatives like the Bait Car program and legislation requiring new vehicles to be equipped with immobilizers, theft of vehicles is back on the rise. The Coquitlam RCMP teams is working hard to stop this trend, but we need your help. Follow the Dos & Don’ts below to do your part to prevent auto crime. 

…that theft from vehicles is linked to identity theft?

After cracking an identity theft ring Coquitlam RCMP investigators found that one out of three of the stolen identity documents like insurance papers, driver's licenses and passports being used to create fraudulent ID could be traced back to vehicle theft files.

…that leaving your car doors unlocked may attract criminal attention to your neighbourhood?

Criminals who break in to vehicles are known as opportunistic offenders. That means that they tend to look for easy targets like vehicles with valuables left in the open or vehicles that have been left unlocked. It also means that if these criminals find a target-rich environment—like a neighbourhood or parking lot with a lot of unlocked vehicles—they will keep coming back. Be a good neighbour. Don’t be the reason criminals target your neighbourhood.



If you see something, say something!

Public safety is everyone's responsibility—and it's easy. The best way to do your part for public safety is to get connected to your neighbourhood, pay attention to what is going on around you and report any criminal or suspicious activity to the police. Find out more about reporting criminal and suspicious activity to the Coquitlam RCMP.

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