Holiday Season Safety Tips

Use these safety and prevention tips to make sure the Grinch doesn’t put a damper on your holiday celebrations. And don’t keep them to yourself. Whether it’s an elderly parent you want to protect from a fraudster, or a teen who just got a new smartphone and needs some device advice, or maybe it's a friend who needs a safe ride home after a holiday party, use the information provided here to start important conversations with friends and family so you can all enjoy a happy and safe holiday season.

Online shopping

Whether you’ll be in line on Black Friday or online on Cyber Monday, the search for holiday deals creates golden opportunities for criminal activity.

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Frauds & Scams

Good Will To All? The holidays are a busy time for fraudsters. The good ones can make a fortune by playing on your seasonal stress levels and your compassion for those in need. credit card with padlock

Mail Theft

The holiday season is a busy time for couriers, Canada Post and mail thieves. Whether you are sending and receiving parcels and cards, or planning to be out of town for the holidays, make sure your mail is taken care of.

Theft from vehicles

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The crowds are flocking to malls and shopping centres. And that means parking lots are jam-packed with cars that are jam-packed with gifts. A target-rich environment for thieves; and a potential disaster for you

Protect your home

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Excited about that getaway you’ve been planning for months? So are the thieves who spend their holiday season looking for empty houses and untended vehicles so they can help themselves to your stuff. 

Smart party planning

You’ve probably planned menus, outfits, dates and decorations for your holiday parties…but have you planned to keep yourself, your loved ones and your community safe from impaired driving?

Community Safety Tips

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