Top Five Motor Vehicle Crash Locations in Mission

Image of vehicle with extensive body damage

The Mission RCMP Detachments Traffic Services Section has identified the following as the top five motor vehicle crash locations within the District of Mission.

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Cedar Valley Connector & HWY 11 & Lougheed HWY & Turning Lane

Typically involves too much speed approaching the overpass ( not slowing to 60 after the bridge ) and suddenly coming upon traffic stopped for the lights at Hwy 7. Also, vehicles merging in northbound from London Ave and/or cutting in at the left turn lanes. Usually rear end collisions or impact into the no-post.

7th Ave & Cedar Street

Typically light/intersection infractions/fail to yield and/or vehicles pulling out from the Petrocan.

1st Ave & Glasgow Ave & Murray Street

Typically vehicles carrying too much speed southbound on the overpass and then sliding when braking for the light at Horne/Glasgow. Usually rear-end collisions.

Lougheed HWY & Wren Street

Typically related to light infractions and vehicles making left turns out of the Petrocan/KFC onto either Wren St or Hwy 7. Westbound traffic typically accelerating in anticipation of the 80 zone and wanting to get there first.

Hurd St & Lougheed HWY

Typically related to light infractions and/or fail to yield. Also vehicles trying to win the race for the right turn lane at Hwy 11.

Special Note - Abbotsford Mission Bridge

Since the addition of the centre barrier these are now usually related to stalled vehicles and/or debris on the bridge that lead to rear-end collisions. Therefore reports of items/vehicles on the bridge need to be responded to quickly as speed on the bridge averages around 100kmh which can result in serious collisions.


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