Winter Safety with Cpl. Crisp

As the mornings get frosty and the days get shorter, our Cold Weather Specialist, Corporal Crisp, gets busy imparting his knowledge and well-groomed moustache on residents through safety tips on the Surrey RCMP’s Twitter and Facebook. Police often see an increase in certain types of property crime during the winter months, as well as weather related and pedestrian involved traffic collisions.

Vehicle Warm Ups

photo of Corporal Crisp with message "Left your unlocked car to war up? Thieves can't resist a giveaway."

Every year the Surrey RCMP receive reports of vehicles stolen from people’s driveways that have been left unattended, unlocked and running in order to warm up on a cold morning. Property crime thieves specifically look for these opportunities to drive away with your vehicle. The comfort of a warm car is not worth the inconvenience of a stolen one.

Winter Driving

photo of Corporal Crisp with message "Take some extra time, roads are slick."

Heavy rain, ice, and snow can create challenges for drivers. It is important to prepare your vehicle for winter in the fall by installing winter tires, ensuring windshield wipers are working, and filling up your windshield washer fluid. Pack an emergency kit for your vehicle, and ensure you drive with a full cellphone charge. Before driving, remove all ice and snow from your vehicle and ensure windows are defrosted. Avoid using cruise control or overdrive on slippery roads. Drive for the conditions, slow down and put away distractions.

Be Seen

photo of Corporal Crisp with message "Be seen and wear reflective gear."

Our pedestrian collisions spike in winter months, and that isn’t a coincidence. With less light and more rain, it’s harder to see. Pedestrians should keep this in mind and wear bright or reflective clothing. Flash lights or glow sticks are a good idea when walking outside. Stick to crosswalks and make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street.

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