Halloween Safety

Making Sure Everyone is Safe

Halloween in the City of Surrey is a fun event for kids and their families, but it is also a time when safety is very important. Whether safety concerns are related to costumes, candy, or fireworks you can educate yourself using our important tips to make sure everyone has a fun.
Safety Tips for Children

Safety Tips for Parents

Safety Tips for Motorists

Protecting Your Home

Home security is another concern on Halloween. The Surrey RCMP provides home security information which is useful at any time of year and for any occasion. Halloween is no different. Please keep your lights on so children can see and clean your yard of items so children don’t trip and hurt themselves. For more information on securing your home visit our Home Security Checklist.

Protecting Your Automobile

As with any time of year, cars can be targeted for Auto Crime. In order to prevent vandalism and theft from your vehicle, park it in your driveway, or if on the street, within plain view. Make sure you secure it, preferably with an anti theft device, and remove any valuables. For more information on securing your automobile(s) visit our Auto Crime page.

Protecting Your Pets

It is also important to protect your pets on Halloween. Prepare your pets for an evening of frightful sights and sounds. Be sure that all dogs and cats are wearing collars and proper identification tags.

Fireworks Safety

The Surrey RCMP is also reminding all residents of City of Surrey bylaws and penalties for fireworks possession and explosion.

Surrey Bylaw

Surrey Bylaw #4200 (PDF) restricts the sale, possession, and explosion of fireworks and firecrackers. It was drawn up in response to the number of injuries and property damage caused around Halloween by these explosive devices.

The City of Surrey restricts the use of any type or class of fireworks year round including Halloween. Only those who possess a valid Federal Fireworks Supervisors Certificate and a valid permit from the Surrey Fire Service may use fireworks. Individuals under the age of eighteen who are caught in possession of fireworks may be susceptible to a $250 fine. Information on obtaining fireworks permits can be found by visiting the Fire Prevention Forms page of the City of Surrey website.

Safety Tips for Families Using Fireworks

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