Crime Map - March 2017

Map of Break and Enters to Businesses and Auto Crimes – March 2017

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Crime Stats in Focus

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Each district in Burnaby has unique crime types to be aware of each month.

North Burnaby: District One & Two

Holdom Avenue to Cliff Avenue between Broadway Avenue and Charles Street

Brighton Avenue and Lakedale Avenue bounded by Lougheed Highway and Winston Street

Lougheed Mall & Surrounding Area

South Burnaby: District Three & Four

Metrotown Mall and Surrounding Area

Metrotown and Kingsway Avenue Corridor from Sperling Avenue to Willingdon Avenue

Willingdon Avenue to Royal Oak Avenue between Imperial Street and Grange Street

Vehicle Crimes

What do Thieves Think?

What Can You and Your Employees Do?

A Different Trend – Gas Theft


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