Crime Map - July 2017

Map of Break and Enters to Businesses and Auto Crimes – July 2017

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Crime Stats in Focus

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Each district in Burnaby has unique crime types to be aware of each month.

North Burnaby - Districts One and Two:

Yale Street to Graveley Street between Macdonald Avenue and Delta Avenue
• Break and enters to garages

Forest Grove Drive to Cardston Court between Erickson Drive to Gaglardi Way
• Residential (apartment suite) break and enters

South Burnaby - Districts Three and Four:

Sperling Avenue to Mary Avenue between Kingsway Avenue and Elwell Street
• Auto Theft

18th Avenue to 10th Avenue between Cumberland Street and 4th Street
• Theft from Auto

North Fraser Way between Byrne Road and Marine Way
• Commercial Break and Enters
• Commercial Vehicle Thefts

Metrotown/Kingsway Corridor, Patterson to Sussex between Kingsway Avenue and Victory Street
• Theft from Auto

Crime Prevention Tips

Opportunistic crime occurs when offenders see an unsecured area and commit a crime in the moment without previous planning. Securing your property is the best way to protect your items from being stolen. We would like to remind everyone during the summer months to lock and secure personal areas to prevent crime opportunities.

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