2017-07-14 Crime Map - June 2017

Map of Break and Enters to Businesses and Auto Crimes – June 2017


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 Crime Stats in Focus

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Each district in Burnaby has unique crime types to be aware of each month.

North Burnaby: District One & Two

Pender Street to Highlawn Drive bounded by Delta and Willingdon Ave
• B&Es to detached garage

Oxford to Venables Street between Boundary Rd and Willingdon Ave
• Theft from Auto

South Burnaby: District Three & Four

Patterson to Royal Oak Avenue between Imperial to Rumble Street
• Residential B&Es

Patterson to Royal Oak Avenue between Imperial and Grange Street
• B&Es to apartment U/G parkades
• Theft from auto

North Fraser Way between Byrne Road and Marine Way
• Commercial B&Es
• Commercial vehicle thefts

Metrotown/Kingsway Corridor
• Theft from auto

Crime Prevention Tips

- Report any suspicious persons or activities around vehicles to the police as soon as you can. If you see a crime in progress, call 911 immediately.

- Thieves are able to cut fences and break locks. Take extra precautions and install secondary locks and security cameras to protect your items.

- Windows are sometimes smashed by criminals to gain access. Consider installing security film or Plexiglas sheets to reinforce and strengthen the glass.

- Tools, vehicle parts, and tires are targets for many criminals. If you sell or work with these items, ensure they are locked in a cage/safe or remove merchandise from plain sight or near windows.

- Licence plates are sometimes stolen to commit other acts. Consider checking your work vehicles for the front and rear licence plates at the beginning and end of the work shift.

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