Business Watch - Crime Map - May 2017

Map of Break and Enters to Businesses and Auto Crimes – May 2017

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Crime Stats in Focus

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Each district in Burnaby has unique crime types to be aware of each month.

North Burnaby: Districts One & Two

Beta Avenue to Fell Avenue between Lougheed Hwy and Parker Street
• Residential break and enters

Lougheed Mall Area from Lougheed Highway to North Road to Trans Canada Highway
• Auto crime

South Burnaby: Districts Three & Four

Edmonds Community Centre (Edmonds to Imperial between Salisbury and Mary)
• Theft of auto

Patterson to Royal Oak between Imperial to Rumble
• Residential break and enters

Willingdon to Royal Oak between Imperial and Grange
• Break and enter to apartment underground parkades
• Theft from auto

Metrotown/Kingsway Corridor from Sperling Avenue to Willingdon Avenue
• Auto crime

Crime Prevention Tips

- Store valuables in a locked display case, safe, or secure room.

- Mark merchandise with an easily tracked number or use tracking devices.

- Do not place cash registers near entrances or exits.

- Do not leave building supplies on site that could be used to gain entry.

- Remind employees to remove valuables from their vehicles, especially items in plain sight.

- Park in an area with moderate to high pedestrian traffic. Auto thieves prefer to break into cars in isolated areas.

- Report any suspicious persons or activities around vehicles or a business to the police as soon as you can. If you see a crime in progress, call 911 immediately.

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