Business Watch - Crime Map - December 2015

Business Watch - Crime Map – December 2015

Business Watch is a partnership between local Burnaby business communities, the City of Burnaby, and the RCMP.

Our goal is to provide tools and resources to help reduce business-related crime. These maps reflect crime trends in the business community. When incidents are reported to police the information is used to deploy resources strategically, identify crime hot spots, and analyze trends and patterns.

The maps are provided as a tool to promote awareness and crime reduction throughout the business communities. Check out the Business Watch website for more information.  External link, opens in a new window

Each district in Burnaby has unique crime types to be aware of each month.

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District One:
Willingdon Avenue West

Cambridge Street to Willingdon Avenue to Second Avenue to Boundary Road

District Two:
Lougheed Mall Surrounding Area

Lougheed Highway to North Road to Noel Drive

University Surrounding Area

University Drive East to University High Street to East Campus Road


District Three:

Edmonds Street and Kingsway Avenue Corridor Area

Burris Street to Canada Way to Griffiths Street along Kingsway Avenue and Edmonds Street Corridor

Buckingham Drive Area

Sperling Avenue to Canada Way to Berkley Street to Buckingham Drive

District Four:

Kingsway Avenue and Beresford Drive Corridor

Kingsway Avenue and Beresford Drive Corridor from Willingdon Avenue to Gilley Avenue

West of Gilley Avenue Area

Macpherson Avenue to Rumble Street to Gilley Avenue to Marine Drive

Vehicle Crime Prevention Tips:

Bicycle Crime Prevention Tips:

Storage Locker Crime Prevention Tips:

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