Forensic Identification Section (FIS)

Prince George Forensic Identification Section is responsible for attending crime scenes ranging from minor property crimes such as: mischiefs and theft under, thefts of automobiles, and commercial and residential break and enters, all the way to serious persons offences including assaults, stabbings and murders. Ident members’ duties include the detection, preservation and collection of physical evidence at crime scenes. The purpose of any comparison is to link physical evidence from the crime scene to persons in relation to crimes.

Image of a Forensic Identification Services member gathering evidence

Image of a Forensic Identification Section member gathering evidence

The coverage area for Prince George FIS is from the Alberta border on the East, Burns Lake on the West, Hixon to the South and MacKenzie (including Williston Lake) to the North.

Prince George FIS also has a video analyst who is responsible for converting various proprietary surveillance video files to usable formats for investigations and court disclosure. The video analyst pulls still images from surveillance video and enhances the images to help with suspect identification. Conversions and enhancements of digital audio files are regularly performed. Scene attendance to retrieve surveillance video is often necessary – particularly for serious crimes.

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