2016 Q4 Citizens Crime Summary - Pitt Meadows

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Summary Tables

Year over Year Quarterly Comparison
Crime Type2015
Q4 Total
Q4 Total



% Change YOY Q4
Crimes Against Persons444625%
Property Crime233227-6-3%
Criminal Code - Other7062-8-11%
Controlled Drugs *1110-1-9%
Police Attended Collisions55661120%
Impaired Drivers1011110%

*Controlled Drugs total include drug related investigations and seizures

2016 Quarterly Comparison
Crime Type2016
Q3 Total
Q4 Total
% Change Q3- Q4
Crimes Against Persons434637%
Property Crime1992272814%
Criminal Code - Other6962-7-10%
Controlled Drugs *101000%
Police Attended Collisions626646%
Impaired Drivers911222%

Year over Year - Yield to Date Comparison
Crime Type2015
% Change YTD
Crimes Against Persons206183-23-11%
Property Crime998859-139-14%
Criminal Code - Other394279-115-29%
Controlled Drugs *414100%
Police Attended Collisions2112594823%
Impaired Drivers7843-35-45%

Table 2

Table 2 depicts the five year trends (year to date) in Pitt Meadows throughout the three major crime categories. Property crime and Other CC category rates are the lowest they have been year to date since prior to 2011. Persons crime is trending slightly down from this time last year.

Table 3

Table 3 demonstrates the distribution of crime categories between the four quarters in 2016.

Table 4

Table 4 displays the distribution of Criminal Code Offences within the fourth quarter of 2016. Property crime represents 66% of the total Criminal Code offences.

Quarter 4:Detailed Statistical Crime Summaries by Category

Crime Against Persons
Crime Against Persons represented 12% of total Criminal Code offences in 2016 Q4. In 2016, cumulative Crimes Against Persons are down 11% as compared to 2015. When comparing 2015 and 2016, all offences in this category have seen a decrease or have remained the same except for Sex Offences (+2) and Uttering Threats (+4). Offences that have experienced a marked decrease in this category include Domestic Violence (-12) and Robbery (-5).

Property Crime
Property Crime represented 66% of total Criminal Code offences in 2016 Q4. Property Crime is trending down 14% as compared to 2015. Offences within this category that have experienced decreases are B&E Commercial (-12), Mischief
(-51), Theft (-69), and Theft from Vehicle (-36). The 23% decrease in Theft in 2016 compared to 2015 is likely due in part to the success of the 529 Garage program that was recently implemented in both Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge in an effort to deter the theft of bicycles. Overall there have been 135 fewer property crime offences in Pitt Meadows comparing 2015 and 2016.

Other Criminal Code Offence
Other Criminal Code offences represented 18% of total Criminal Code offences in 2016 Q4 and are down 29% when comparing 2015 to 2016. This year has seen an increase of 333% (+10) in weapons related files.

Controlled Substances                                                                                                                                           Drug related offences have remained the same from 2015 to 2016 (41 total offences for both years). The Ridge Meadows RCMP has recommended charges for 13 individuals in Pitt Meadows from the beginning of 2016 for drug related offences (3 of those being in Q4).                                                                                                         


There were a total of 66 collisions in 2016 Q4 resulting in a 23% increase over 2015. This includes 1 fatal collision, 10 non- fatal injury collisions and 55 damage collisions. Comparing Q3 2016 and Q4 2016, collisions have increased 6%.
Contributing factors for this increase may be seasonal/weather related with the cooler weather and snowy/icy road conditions during the fourth quarter of the year. In 2016 Q4 police officers removed 11 impaired drivers off the streets of Pitt Meadows. This marks a 22% increase over 2016 Q3.

Calls for Service

Year to date, members have responded to the following top ten public reports to police. These categories are generalized by dispatch and are broad in nature.

Top 10 Public Reports to Police
RankType of
Service Call
of Calls
1Traffic Incident458
3Impaired Driving232
4Assist Police/Fire/EHS222
5Property - Lost & Found211
6Suspicious Circumstances211
7Domestic Disputes195
10Suspicious Person168

Data Qualifiers

The summarized offence statistical data in the following report is derived from the RCMP PRIME - BC Provincial Occurrence Code Table (UCR) and differs from data provided up to June 6, 2006, in the Operational Statistics Reporting System (OSR) within the Police Information Retrieval System (PIRS). As a result, scoring rules and occurrence codes have been modified and will not accurately reflect changes when comparing UCR and OSR data.

The summarized data included in this report represent actual offences only (i.e.: those incidents which upon preliminary investigation have been deemed to have occurred or been attempted) Incidents of crime that were reported but could not be substantiated when followed up by the police are considered to be unfounded and are subtracted from the number of reported offences to produce the number of actual offences. This data also does not indicate or infer the number of charges laid, prosecutions conducted, informations sworn, or convictions obtained.
Data contained in this report is also based on accumulated-to-date information. The data presented here may vary from previously produced reports and numbers may continue to change due to the dynamic nature of offences being reported and cleared.

The crime data contained within this report (i.e.: number of offences) utilizes the UCR Survey to collect aggregate data on the incidence of crime. The UCR Survey uses the most serious incident rule when compiling police-reported crime data. The MSO rule stipulates that where a single criminal incident contains a number of violations of the law, then only the most serious one is recorded for UCR purposes. As a result, the total number of UCR offences does not represent the total of all crime reported by police (i.e.: the UCR Survey tends to underestimate the true incidence of relatively less serious crimes)

For the purposes of this report, offences have been divided into 5 major categories that include Crimes Against Persons Offences Against Property and Other Criminal Code offences. Offences under the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act have been included but not other federal statutes such as the Customs Act or the Canada Shipping Act. The statistical summary also includes Traffic collisions and impaired investigations but does not include municipal traffic infractions or other by-law infractions.


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