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Summary Tables

Year over Year Quarterly Comparison
Crime Type2015
Q1 Total
Q1 Total
% Change YOY Q1
Crimes Against Persons2152442913%
Property Crime1260946-314-25%
Criminal Code - Other534421-113-21%
Controlled Drugs *277144163%
Police Attended Collisions23424063%
Impaired Drivers56751934%
Traffic Infractions1879279291349%

*Controlled Drugs total include drug related investigations and seizures

2016 Quarterly Comparison
Crime Type2015
Q4 Total
Q1 Total
% Change Q4 -Q1
Crimes Against Persons260244-16-6%
Property Crime1040946-94-9%
Criminal Code - Other481421-60-12%
Controlled Drugs *60711118%
Police Attended Collisions269240-29-11%
Impaired Drivers707557%
Traffic Infractions2418279237415%

5 Year Comparison - Maple Ridge

Table 2 depicts the five year trends in Maple Ridge throughout the three major crime categories. Property crime and Other CC are trending down year to date, compared with 2015, while Persons crimes are trending slightly upwards which is representative of what is occurring throughout the province.

Distribution of Total Criminal Code Offences - Maple ridge - 2016 Q1

Table 3 displays the distribution with the second quarter of Criminal Code Offences second quarter of 2016. Property crime represents 56% of the total Criminal Code offences.


Detailed Statistical Crime Summaries by Category

Criminal Code Offences                                                                                                              The overall cumulative distribution of Criminal Code offences across the major crime categories experienced a 20% decrease in 2016 Q1 as compared to the same period of 2015.

Crime Against Persons
Violent Crime represented 15% of total Criminal Code offences in 2016 Q1 and is trending up 13% as compared to 2015.
Offences within this category reporting increases are assault (+10), extortion (+1), harassing phone calls (+4), sex offence
(+14), uttering threats (+25), and other persons crime (+1).

Property Crime
Property Crime represented 59% of total Criminal Code offences in 2016 Q1 and is reporting a 25% decrease. All offences
within this category that experienced decreases except for arson (+1), B & E residential (+11), and fraud (+9).

Other Criminal Code Offence
Other Criminal Code offences represented 26% of total Criminal Code offences in 2016 Q1 and decreased 21% over the
same period of 2015.

Controlled Substances                                                                                                             Drug related offences increased 15% in 2016 Q1.

There were a total of 240 collisions in 2016 Q1 resulting in a 3% increase over the same period in 2015. This includes 2 fatal collisions, 78 non-fatal injury collisions and 160 damage collisions.
In 2016 Q1 police officers removed 52 impaired drivers off the streets of Maple Ridge. In addition, 2792 traffic infractions were issued throughout Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.