Bridging the Gap

In order for youth to make positive life choices, including avoiding criminality, it is important for them to have parents/guardians who understand the issues and pressures they face and are equipped to discuss these issues with them.

The Surrey RCMP, City of Surrey, and Surrey School District are offering an innovative way to educate parents/guardians about youth culture through the new Bridging the Gap events.

Event Format

Bridging the Gap are evening events where youth from one Surrey community gather in a circle with parents/guardians from another Surrey community to explain what it means to be a youth today, what pressures youth face, and how parents can best help their teens cope with these pressures. These events are held at Surrey secondary schools and moderated by a Surrey RCMP police officer and intervention program staff member.

The youth participants will respond to pre-set questions on topics such as stress, substance use, relationships, and social media. Facilitators will also provide the adult participants with information on what drives teen behaviour.


Bridging the Gap events are intended to bring a greater understanding of youth issues to parents/guardians and help them feel more confident in addressing concerns with their own children. These events also empower the youth participants and give them a voice.

More Information

For more information on Bridging the Gap events in Surrey, please contact Brian Aasebo, Intervention Programs Manager, at or 604-502-6547.

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