Chauffeur’s Permit


Main Detachment – 14355 57 Avenue, Surrey


$73 (plus $25 if fingerprints are required)

Required Documentation

Acceptable Identification

Individuals must present TWO (2) pieces of identification with the same name on both from the following list. NOTE: The BC Services Card combined with the BC Driver's Licence is only considered ONE piece of ID.

Application Requirements

Grounds for Refusal, Cancellation or Suspension

Note:Suspension period may vary according to the seriousness of the offence. In some instances, compulsory defensive driving courses and/or alternative measures may be required before reinstatement of a permit.

Permit holders will be evaluated using the indicated criteria, however, if the police chief of the municipality, on proof to his or her satisfaction, believes that a person holding a permit under subsection (3), because of his or her use of or dealing in intoxicants or narcotic drugs or any other reason, is unfit to act as a chauffeur, the police chief may suspend or cancel the permit. (Sec. 36 Motor Vehicle Act)

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