Volunteering Opportunities

Safety bear and a little boy with an Auxiliary standing nearby.

The purpose of the Detachment volunteer programs is to strengthen community and police partnerships by educating, engaging and empowering volunteers to support and assist the Nanaimo RCMP in the safe and effective delivery of authorized crime prevention activities and community engagement events. Volunteers are provided an opportunity to learn about different areas of policing as well as how to protect themselves and their circle of influence from potentially becoming a victim of crime.

Volunteer requirements

The Nanaimo RCMP detachment relies on the experience, energy and community knowledge of our volunteers who live in the community to deliver a variety of crime prevention programs.  
Volunteers must meet the following requirements:

Police-based Victim Services Volunteer program – These volunteers undergo extensive screening and training in order to assist Victim Services staff to provide assistance to victims and witnesses of crime and other trauma. Volunteers and staff provide emotional support, crisis intervention, court orientation and accompaniment, information on the criminal justice system and updates on the status of the police investigation and/or court case and assistance with a variety of forms. Referrals to the program are received from police, other community agencies and through self-referral.

Auxiliary Program – These unarmed uniformed volunteers commit to volunteering 160 hours per year through participation in a variety of activities.  These volunteers undergo an extensive background checks and training and are provided a uniform similar to a regular RCMP member. 

Crime Prevention volunteer program – These volunteers commit 4 hours per month to participating in a variety of activities and initiatives after undergoing an initial training period. 

Crime Prevention Programs

Several of these initiatives are conducted in partnership with outside agencies and stake holders.

Road Safety Initiatives

Theft and Fraud Protection Initiatives

Community Engagement


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