Stories From Inside the Smoke - The Horse Riding Mountie

Williams Lake, BC Wildfires, Canada 150

2017-07-21 14:31 PDT

RCMP officers are recruited from all facets of life and experience, we come from every corner of this great country, some raised in cities and some raised in more rural areas. On Saturday, July 15th, when Williams Lake residents were issued an evacuation order, one Mountie drew on his experience growing up around lifestock in semi-rural BC, to assist.

Cst. Ryan Grottolo, who now works at the Pacific Region Training Center in Chilliwack, grew up adjacent to a ranch in rural Kelowna and was familiar with horses. On Saturday, he was working to evacuate a more rural area of Williams Lake, when he observed a young lady, attempting to evacuate three horses. The girl, was struggling to control two, while she rode the other. With the fire quickly encroaching, there wasn’t time to wait for a trailer which was reportedly on it’s way to pick up the horses, so Cst. Grottolo sprung to action. Using a police car to hoist himself onto the bare horseback, he rode the horse away from the fire.

In reiterating the story, Cst, Grottolo said, he had asked the young lady about the horse, whom she described as, old and a little crotchety. He further added, The horse started to get off track a couple of times but I was able to pull him back into line. When, they got to the bottom of the hill, the young lady commented, This is not your first time on a horse. Cst. Grottolo admitted, Well it’s been a few years, but you never forget.

Cst. Grottolo riding the horse

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