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2017-01-27 09:33 PST

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photo of Dash the police dog in front of a police car

West Shore RCMP is pleased to present to you one of its finest: Dash.

Dash is 5 year old German Shepherd and is quite excited to be working at West Shore Detachment with his handler, Cst. Daryl McDonald.

Part of Dash’s duties are to detect and search for drugs, firearms and track fleeing criminals. On the flip side, Dash is also involved in the search for lost children and missing persons.

Dash was born in Innisfail, Alberta and undertook an intensive 6-month training before being affected to West Shore where he now patrols day and night.

Dash enjoys doing school talks and play tug with his handler. We have an incredible bond, says Cst. Daryl McDonald, from the Police Dog Service (PDS) of West Shore RCMP. I trust him with my life.

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