Still too distracted by your phone while driving?

West Shore, Traffic Services

2017-08-18 09:55 PDT

File # 2017

Anytime you are holding your device in your hand, or when you are taking your eyes off of the road to manipulate buttons on that device, it is considered using the device and is subject to a $368 fine under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Using an electronic device includes:

(only required to be doing one of these actions to commit an offence)

What is an "electronic device" ?

cell phones, smartphones and other hand-held devices that have telephone capabilities and on which you can send text messages or emails

It is an unfortunate habit for some drivers to constantly check their phones while driving, says Cst. Alex Bérubé, spokesperson for the West Shore RCMP. Some drivers may believe they are being cautious and sneaky while doing it, but the reality is that sooner than later they will face the consequences of their actions - whether by receiving a hefty fine from police or worse; by causing a collision.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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