Let's end Distracted Driving

Ridge Meadows

2017-03-15 11:07 PDT

Photo of a distracted driving awareness event in Pitt Meadows.

Ridge Meadows RCMP, along with their partners at ICBC are taking to local roads to enforce Distracted Driving laws.

March is Distracted Driving awareness month and Police across the province are cracking down. The latest statistics show distracted driving Notice explaining the penalties for driving while using a hand-held device. is responsible for one quarter of all the fatal crashes in the province making it the second leading cause, and most preventable.

Corporal Amanda Harnett said, If you can’t leave your phone alone while driving, turn it off and put it in the trunk of your car to avoid the temptation. If we all do our part, roads will be much safer.

More than 800 crashes occur every day in B.C., many of these caused by distracted driving, said Kate Woochuk, local ICBC road safety coordinator. No call or text is worth the risk. Distracted driving is a dangerous and preventative behaviour that we must all commit to ending.

For more information relating to the dangers of distracted driving, and the new legislation, please go to

http://www.icbc.com/road-safety/crashes-happen/Distracted-driving/Pages/default.aspx and http://bc.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=2083&languageId=1&contentId=26944

Corporal Amanda Harnett
Ridge Meadows RCMP Detachment

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