3rd Annual Richmond RCMP Toy Drive featuring Cop Car Karaoke


2017-11-10 12:23 PST

The Richmond RCMP has not received any formal singing training, but we will gladly belt out tunes for a worthy cause – namely the kids! This is our third year for the Richmond RCMP Toy Drive and we are hoping it will be the best one yet. If we can bring a smile to even one child, the effort will be well worth it.

With great respect and admiration to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, we decided on producing our own version which we affectionately refer to as Cop Car Karoake. We had some help from Richmond RCMP Superintendent Will Ng, MLAs John Yap and Jas Johal, and Henry Beh from the Richmond Chinese Community Society.

We hope you enjoy it: 


Video Description:

Three police officers are sitting in a police vehicle. The driver is the Superintentent of the Richmond RCMP, Supt. Will Ng.

They are discussing the decorations in the police vehicle.

Two police officers are singing Christmas carols and driving around enroute to pick up some passengers. They are very animated with singing and hand gestures.

Police vehicle stops to pick up John Yap, MLA, Jas Johal MLA, and Henry Beh from the Richmond Chinese Community Society.

All four sing and later ask people to see them on November 18 for the Toy Drive.

A male and female Richmond RCMP officer are seen in a police vehicle in front of the Richmond Olympic Oval and are singing Feliz Navid (Christmas song)


TP Cst. Tracy Paldy
WN Supt. Will Ng
JJ Jas Johal, MLA

QP But ah, I did notice that the cars look very Christmasy this year. I do like the Christmas
lights in the in the back

TP Yeah, they went all out this year didn’t they?

QP They did. It looks good.

WN I really the red and blue theme.

TP Yeah, it’s nice.

QP Red and blues are good. Red and blues are good.

TP Lots of gifts in the back as well. It’s good

QP I want to just turn the radio and see, see what we have

(Christmas music plays)

QP Here we go. Ready?

(singing in English)

TP I really don’t think guys should sing.

QP I can. I can do Aretha. I can. I cannot channel my inner gospel singer.

(singing in English)

(Another Christmas song plays)

QP See this is more my speed right here. Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

TP Do you think if we just kept on driving and don’t come back, would they be upset?

(singing in English)

TP This would be easier.
(singing in English)

QP See this, this, would you call this crooner pop crooner. We
call it crooner pop.

(singing in English)

TP Everybody knows this song. It’s a classic.

(singing in English)

(screeching tires, car door opening and closing)

JJ How long have you worked in Richmond for the RCMP?

WN Um, I’m….just ah, six months.

JJ Six months. Wow.

WN Yeah.

JJ Where are you originally from?

WN Surrey

JJ Surrey, oh, okay. So you’re worked in that detachment?

WN That’s right.

JJ You’re a B.C. boy though?

WN I am. Yeah, yeah.

(Christmas music plays)

(singing in English)

All See you at the Toy Drive, November 18th

(singing Christmas song in English)

We are inviting everyone to join us on Saturday November 18th, 2017 between 8am and 12 pm with a new unwrapped toy or make a $5 donation and receive a free pancake breakfast. All proceeds support the Richmond Christmas Fund.

Poster Richmond RCMP 3rd Annual Toy Drive

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