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2017-11-15 11:34 PST

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Burnaby RCMP is getting set to recognize the important role that volunteers play in helping police keep the city safe. The annual Community Volunteers Dinner takes place on Thursday November 16, and includes awards and recognition for the men and women who give up their own time to take part in a number of programs that help support Burnaby RCMP in the community.

Burnaby Citizen’s Crime Watch is made of up of 16 volunteers, some of whom have been volunteering in the program for over 20 years. Volunteers such as long-time Burnaby resident Bill Corson are regularly on patrol, assisting Burnaby RCMP in reporting suspicious activity or highlighting areas they feel may require additional RCMP patrols. Bill has been a volunteer since the program began and conducts weekly patrols of Southwest Burnaby. Many of Bill’s family members have been police officers in the RCMP, the Vancouver Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department. According to Bill, policing the community is in his blood. Bill says that the community support of the program is important to the volunteers, We regularly get compliments from Burnaby residents, it keeps us going and lets us know that people appreciate the work we do. Along with Bill, volunteers with Burnaby RCMP’s Citizens Crime Watch have become particularly effective at locating stolen vehicles with four being located by members in the city in just one week in September.

Burnaby RCMP’s Auxiliary Constables provide support to police at major events such as concerts and more recently at the RCMP Musical Ride. Auxiliary Constables also recently marched on parade at Remembrance Day ceremonies around the city. There are currently 34 Auxiliary Constables at Burnaby RCMP who so far this year have volunteered hundreds of hours at events around the city. Auxiliary Constables come from a range of backgrounds, from former police to Burnaby citizens.

Community Police Office volunteers have been instrumental in initiatives such as assisting Burnaby RCMP’s Traffic Services with enforcement around the city. These volunteers regularly assist with enforcement activities such as distracted driving enforcement and speed enforcement. In the month of September they helped Burnaby RCMP’s Traffic Services in ensuring that those who were driving distracted got the message about how dangerous it can be. Burnaby RCMP Traffic Services issued 917 tickets across the month. Community Police Office volunteers also regularly attend community events along with Burnaby RCMP officers to provide important information related to areas such as community safety to Burnaby citizens.

Inspector Kathy Hartwig who is the officer in charge of Community Programs which includes all of these volunteer groups says; The role volunteers play in community safety in Burnaby is invaluable. They act as an additional set of eyes and ears for the RCMP and their commitment is something that we hugely appreciate.

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