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2017-07-28 13:06 PDT

photo of Supt. McDonald

Superintendent Chuck McDonald’s first posting out of RCMP Depot in January, 1981, was right here in Burnaby. At 21-years-old, he had never been to the West Coast before. That first look at Burnaby Detachment was exhilarating says Supt. McDonald, who is the new Assistant Officer in Charge of Burnaby Detachment. The whole experience of moving out here and starting work in Burnaby was fascinating. The city – and the Detachment - looked so exotic. I told my brothers back home how ‘cool’ it was when I saw all these street-wise cops at my first Watch briefing.
After leaving Burnaby in 1985, Supt. McDonald went on to General Duty in White Rock, followed by postings at the Vancouver Integrated Intelligence Unit, Integrated Proceeds of Crime, Criminal Operations, Illegal Gaming Enforcement, and then Olympic security planning. During those four years of Olympic planning, we worked closely with the various local governments and First Nations, as well as the Provincial and Federal governments. And obviously lots of contact with Vancouver Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee. In a job like that, you really get to see the diverse ways in which the police are an inherent part of every community.

After that, Supt. McDonald returned to Burnaby as the Plainclothes Commander. I saw some absolutely brilliant investigative skill demonstrated by the members here.

Supt. McDonald was then commissioned and became the District Senior Investigating Officer in the Provincial Major Crime Section. After starting the Community-Industry Response Group, he was promoted to Superintendent, and has returned to Burnaby for his third posting here. I love Burnaby. It’s a great city, all the staff are fantastic, and it’s where I grew up as a police officer. I’m really happy to be here, and I’m looking forward to serving the community, says Supt. McDonald.

Supt. McDonald has also performed a variety of secondary duties. He was in the Division Emergency Operations Centre for the first two weeks of this summer’s interface fires, and had deployed in the previous significant interface fire events in 2003 and 2009. He was also on the Tactical Troop for both of the Stanley Cup riots. He is an Accredited Major Case Management Team Commander, and an experienced Gold Public Order Commander.

Although Supt. McDonald’s children are all adults now, he is still close to them and often reminisces about the years he spent as their Lacrosse coach. For recreation, he enjoys kayaking and hiking when he can. He’s been playing hockey at the Burnaby Winter Club for 35 years as a member of the world famous Fighting Hedge Sparrows.

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