Un mot de remerciement

Les membres de la GRC en C.-B. sont très fiers de dispenser un service professionnel aux collectivités qu’ils servent. Il est rassurant pour eux de savoir qu’ils ont fait une différence dans la vie de quelqu’un.

Si votre interaction avec un membre, groupe ou détachement de la GRC a été une bonne expérience, nous vous invitons à nous en faire part dans la langue officielle de votre choix à bcrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Les lettres de remerciement seront publiées dans la langue officielle dans laquelle elles sont reçues. Celles qui nous sont envoyées en anglais ne seront traduites que sur demande. Si vous désirez lire une lettre de remerciement en français, veuillez faire parvenir une demande de traduction vers le français à C.-B.rcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca en indiquant la date du courrier et l’endroit d’où il venait.

Westwold 2018-07-06

I want to send out a big thank you to the RCMP officers who came to our property the other day. My 7 year old had been playing with the phone and called 911. After the police called to let us know they were coming to check on us I had a talk with my son about not calling 911 unless there's an emergency and told him that the police were on the way, that they were coming to make sure we didn't need help, and that we would talk to them when they got to us. My son was horrified and was sure he was going to be arrested, no matter what we said to reassure him. Cst. (I think he was a constable, not sure) Bixby and his corporal showed up in a police truck and we went out to meet them. We explained what happened and my son apologized. They were absolutely lovely (despite my father in law making donut jokes, sorry Cst. Bixby) and kind to my son, told him about 911 and then proceeded to show us all the inside of the truck! They turned on the sirens, showed us the lights, where the "bad guys" sit, and patiently answered my kid's questions about what he kept in all his pockets and pouches. My son was a happy man, as were all the other kids, and my oldest has now announced he wants to join the RCMP when he's older. Thank you for taking the time to educate and have some fun. Please make sure this shout out gets to them. This incident happened on Friday July 6th, late afternoon, on an acreage in Westwold. I really was amazed at how awesome they were. Thank you from a happy mom!

Sophie Maher

Burnaby 2018-06-27

Thanks to the RCMP officer who stepped up last week to warn my 18-year-old daughter that he had seen someone taking pictures of her from a car while she waited at a bus stop on Willingdon, near BCIT in Burnaby. This man, even while off duty, pulled in front of the bus she had just boarded, came onto the bus to tell her what he had seen, apologized for not getting the license plate and cautioned her to keep an eye out. Way above and beyond the call of duty! Not sure if he is with Burnaby detachment but we would love to say thanks in person. Either way, please accept the thanks of a grateful mother!

Patricia Sheaves

Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment 2018-04-12

On behalf of the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the members who so quickly responded to the incident this morning involving our University.

Several members were involved. From the NCO i/c of the Watch, to the constables who were present on campus, to the arresting Team. They were at all times, professional , caring, informative and above all, they demonstrated that they cared.

To a job well done! The RCMP made us all proud.  Thank you.

Mike Twolan, Manager of Security, University of the Fraser Valley

Surrey 2018-03-11

I would like to share my experience with a constable so he gets acknowledged for his work!

I made made a noise complaint earlier this year against my downstairs neighbors who are always loud and Constable M.Mohamadi attended. I remember noticing him trying knocking their windows in the front and their door in the back. He went back n forth trying from his side to address the situation but they wouldn't open the door. I appreciate his kindness and willingness to help.

We met the same officer by the Central city mall and he gave my 5 year old son stickers and actually took his time out to talk to him (my son talks a lot and I am thankful that this constable didn't try to rush him but gave him full attention) My son always tells me how he wants to be a cop and he had a pleasant experience with constable Mohamadi as he got to sit in the car and pretend to drive around and to a 5 year old it was an amazing experience. Thank you for showing our future generation how cool and friendly a cop can be, we need more officers like you out there sir! I know its not something big but a small act but this is what made a difference or me and my son. Its not always that you see a constable who doesn't show off because he is in a uniform instead demonstrates with his actions and words that RCMP cares for the people in the community!

With gratitude,

"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

Surrey 2018-03-10

I was a passerby on Saturday March 10, 2018 at around 8:45 pm to where an officer was responding to a black cat who was (I guess) hit by a car on King George Blvd, around 98th ave. He treated this as a normal accident scene, and had his emergency lights on, and made sure all the traffic was merging around the poor cat who was most probably dying and in great agony. He picked the cat up and brought it to the side of the road out of harms way.

The compassion shown by this officer was something I will not soon forget, and it's things like this that make me have even greater respect for you all. It is very nice to see you are there for everyone and not just the two legged inhabitants. I just wanted to express my gratitude to this officer and say thanks, and to make sure he knows his kind actions did not go unnoticed.

Thank You,

North Vancouver 2018-03-06

I just wanted you all to know how proud we are of you. I’m a father of two teenage boys living in the Ditrict of North Vancouver. The Parkland mass shooting and the inspired response from the survivors, especially Emma Gonzalez, affected me deeply. Affected my sons deeply.

I felt a need to do something. To say something, for my sons and myself (mom too, of course). I was a founder of Clearly Contacts, a BC born global online retailer of contact lenses and glasses. Figured I had some skills online to help these kids, our kids. So I dusted off my keyboard and began doing and saying something. Well, I learned pretty quickly that original content, powerful content, was completely beyond me. I was a fifty year-old out there in the ether getting dunked on by teenagers. Digitally, speaking. It wasn’t pretty.

Anyway, I’m not very good at giving up so I started to look for someone brilliant enough to come up with inspired content. Einstein, defined genius as 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. What he doesn’t say is that the 10% bit is the unbelievably hard part. I have the perspiration thing down cold. In other words, I can work to get the message out but it’s not worth it if the message itself has nothing of material significance to add to the conversation.

Guess where I ended up? Guess who was inspired? You guys! The Canadian Firearms Program is the 10% part. The hard part. Thank you so much. If I start to list what I love about it and why I am so proud of it, you will stop reading. Seriously. Okay, one thing I love: You guys will literally come to our homes to help us get rid of guns safely. You extend and extend opportunity. See...I couldn’t stop at one thing. I want to be clear. The fact that our gun laws are very different from the US is not the inspired part. Everyone knows we have very different gun laws. No news there. If that was the case, I would be sending this thank you to our politicians. It is how you enforce our gun laws that is so inspiring. That’s the message worth spreading. That’s you guys!

So for what it is worth, I’m telling people your story. What you do, how you do it and why it works, from a citizens perspective. I can’t say how many additional people you will touch. All I can say is that I am doing my best to do your inspired message service. People are listening and enlightened once they engage. In Canada, the US, the UK and Australia, all over. The kids are engaging. Your compassionate approach to enforcement and the honest and ongoing outreach programs resonate big time with the young people. That’s kind of their thing.

So happy and proud of our RCMP. So lucky to have you guys on watch. On behalf of my family, thanks for having our backs in your distinctly professional and empathetic style. I hope you guys understand how uniquely special you are.

Warm regards,
Bill Citizen

Langley 2018-02-05

Received an incredible surprise today at our Feral Feeding Station.

I went to grab some food to feed the Ferals when I discovered a bag of food in the bin with a note. After reading I figured out it was from RCMP Constable Chris Taylor!

Awhile back our volunteer Kim Tomms was approached by CST Taylor at the feeding station, he was checking on a complaint received that there might be homeless people living where we feed. Kim took the time to let the Constable know about Tinykittens and he was blown away with what we do and he had no idea that there was a cat over population crisis. He told Kim he would patrol the forest when he was in the area which was frequently

I let the Ferals know that they have their very own Officer looking out for them know so they can always feel safe!

It takes a village to help the homeless cats of Langley so THANK MEW CST Taylor for being our newest member

Langley 2018-01-13

I contacted the Langley RCMP (911) this evening regarding an individual outside screaming loudly and obviously in some kind of distress. Within minutes 4 vehicles arrived and the officers attended to this individual. After calming the situation they took this gentleman away (obviously to get some help for him).

I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the immediate response to this situation and how these officers handled this situation, calming this fellow down immediately.

Your hard work and dedication in such a dangerous and sometimes thankless job is very much appreciated.

H. Brooks

Burnaby 2018-01-05


Thank you to the RCMP officer that waited for me to get my car off of a busy street where I should not have parked. Kudos to the RCMP for being reasonable and polite and thank you for keeping your car parked behind my car so no one would hit me. Thank you so much. (Jan 5th 3:51pm on Canada Way and Gilmore by the pacific blue cross building and Service Canada)



North Cowichan Duncan 2018-01-16

Le révérend d’une église a fait parvenir cette lettre aux membres de la GRC de North Cowichan-Duncan pour les remercier d’avoir exécuté un mandat en vertu de la Loi réglementant certaines drogues et autres substances.

lettre de remerciement

Burnaby 2017-12-21

Le 21 Decembre., la GRC de Burnaby a reçu par la poste ce mot de remerciement (seul anglais).

We are a daycare located in North Burnaby and we just wanted to write some cards and letters to let you know how much we appreciate the RCMP and for putting your lives on the line to make sure the people stay safe ...

photo de la poste ce mot de remerciement

photo de la poste ce mot de remerciement

Comox Valley 2017-11-24

Want to take the opportunity to thank an officer from the Comox Valley detachment for helping a stranded motorist today on Cliffe avenue. The vehicle stalled on a busy intersection. It was absolutely pouring out, the officer got out of his cruiser and helped the driver pushed the vehicle off the road and into Service BC building parking lot. Thank you for keeping us safe and helping us in times of needs. Big and small. Thank you.

Margaret L



Penticton - 2017-11-20

I drive a Taxi in Penticton 12 hour 5pm – 5 am, I see patrol cars in my area, and they often keep an eye on me when I load and unload, a friendly wave, makes me feel safe in certain situations. Wonderful service and comfort. A big thanks to all you are appreciated.

D. Alspaugh

North Vancouver - 2017-10-23 (North Shore News)

An open letter to the North Vancouver RCMP and the West Vancouver Police Department:

I’m writing on behalf of my family to express our gratitude to the North Van RCMP and the WVPD for their outstanding community service. My grandfather, a longtime resident of North Vancouver, passed away last month at the age of 84. In the last few years of his life, he struggled with dementia and his mental health deteriorated steadily.

As time went by, he became lost and confused more and more often on his walks around Ambleside, Park Royal and Capilano Road. Several times, officers of the RCMP and the WVPD went above and beyond their duty to patiently assist him and ensure he got home safely. It would be fair to say he was a stubborn man, and coaxing him into a police cruiser could not have been an easy task.

Most often, our police officers do not get much recognition for the great work they do in our communities. I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to the North Vancouver RCMP and the West Vancouver Police Department for the remarkable diligence shown by their officers.

McDonald and Yates families
North Vancouver


Prince George 2017-10-13

Around 4:30 this morning, officers from the Prince George Detachment, with the help of a K9 unit, apprehended an apparent runaway criminal hiding in my back yard, right outside my son's basement bedroom window. Having previously been awakened by a noise, I got up to investigate (from the inside, looking out) and got to see members of the local police force in action. WOW! While it was scary as hell to see police, weapons drawn, following the police dog around the side of my house, I was impressed by their outwardly appearing calmness, and, given the situation, their relative quietness in executing the resulting takedown. And then they even apologized to us for waking us! Absolutely no need for that...they were doing their job (and doing it very well!), keeping people safe! Huge thank you's and kudos to these officers! Wish I could give you all more!!! And although I heard them praise the dog, I sure hope that dog gets a nice juicy steak for its work early this morning! When taken out later this morning, my little Shih Tzu was "nose to the ground," investigating this scene. Mine is very much an "animal friendly" house/yard, and I know that police dog had to disregard a whole lot of scents to do its job (Kudos to its trainer!). Thank You, PG RCMP, for a job well done!!!

Solus Ipsa


Westshore 2017-09-08

As upset as I am over having to absorb $1663 because of my husbands excessive speeding yesterday, I am thankful he was caught. I often get passed by people driving way too fast and one always hopes to see them up the road, pulled over by the police.

I am sure many people felt extremely satisfied when they saw my husband in this situation. I am happy for you. I am mostly thankful because I know that he has been cured of his wreck-less behaviour, although rare for him we all know horrible things can happen in an instant.

Thank you Westshore rcmp for keeping our roads safe, and my husband alive.

Revelstoke 2017-08-25

Hello, I am just dropping a quick note of thanks for pulling my 17 year old son over in the Revelstoke area for speeding on the August Long weekend. I am sure that you don't often receive notes of Thanks but our family appreciates the work you do. It can't always be easy to do the work you do. Thank you!



Fort Nelson 2017-08-02

I wanted to thank you for your assistance on June 29th, 2017. My friend and riding partner were on a motorcycle trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Alaska and returning to southern California. After covering 4,000 miles, we were excited about actually being on the Alaska Highway and enjoying the breathtaking scenery in British Columbia on our ride. At about 150 KM before reaching Ft. Nelson, I moved to the wrong side of the road and hit a pot hole, which I can see from the video that was running on my motorcycle was marked for repair. Fortunately for me my riding partner and some helpful travelers helped to comfort me and assist with traffic. I personally do not remember much of anything about the accident and the assistance that the RMCP provided.

My riding partner did tell me that your officers helped to remove the equipment off my motorcycle and keep it at the station until one of us could pick it up. My partner said the next day when he went to get the luggage, you carried the luggage and equipment from the station to the rental car for him.

I have always had deep respect for law enforcement and this instance continues to reenforce my respect and admiration of those who protect and serve across the globe.

My wife, family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you assistance that day. May you all be blessed and kept safe.



vallée du Comox 2017-07-17

La GRC de la vallée du Comox a reçu cette carte de la part de deux jeunes filles très reconnaissantes. Ces dernières s’étaient fait voler leur tirelire lors d’une introduction par effraction survenue dans leur résidence. Lisez le communiqué intitulé La GRC puise dans ses proches après le vol d’une tirelire afin de savoir comment les employés de la GRC de la vallée du Comox ont uni leurs forces pour soutenir la famille et, en particulier, les deux jeunes filles.

photo de la carte

le deuxieme page de la carte

Burnaby 2017-06-14

This is overdue but better late than never.

On Saturday May 6 we were looking after a neighbors dog when it escaped. The RCMP were contacted. I did not expect your officers would be willing nor able to offer much assistance. I was wrong. Two officers responded and were extremely helpful. However despite the officers best efforts the dog was hit by a car at the corner of Oakland and Elgin. The male officer attending provided a plastic sheet and helped load the wounded dog into our vehicle. The female officer even gave us the address of the nearest vet. In short I want to publicly thank the officers involved in this tragic event. They went above and beyond.

D. Kincaid

Chemanius 2017-06-15

I'd like to pass on my thanks for your team's care of Chemainus Secondary School. On the day of the Snapchat threat to the school my daughter's PE class went outside to play softball. Two officers who had been patrolling by bike came over and joined in the game. My 14 year old daughter has not had interaction with police before and was impressed that they would do that. She also couldn't stop talking about what good players they were!
Thank you for succeeding in helping the kids feel safe on a strange day.

Michelle Smith

Surrey 2017-06-20

Lettre que la GRC en C.-B. a reçu de la part des élèves d’une classe de première année de l’école primaire St. Matthew’s.

Thank You Police Officers

 We love you taking care of us from Mikaelab and Kyle. The grade 1 class of St. Matthews Elementary wanted to thank those who work in our community so thank you

Grade 1 St. Matthew's Elementary School 16065 88th Ave, Surrey, BC V4N 1G3  To: Surrey RCMP 14200 Green Timbers Way, Surrey, BC, V3S3W2

Mission 2016-06-14

photo d'une embarcation de la GRC

Hello! My name is Jennifer and my husband's name is Derrick. Over the weekend, my husband and I
decided to take our boat to Stave Lake. We like to venture off to the far end of the lake where it is very quiet. Not a lot of boaters are in this area. Well, this came back and bit us in the butt. We had enjoyed a few hours at our quiet location with our dog, and enjoyed a nice lunch. When it came time to head back to the dock our boat motor wouldn't start. We changed the spark plugs....double checked the gas...thought we flooded the engine.... waited for about 20 min and still nothing. We were now stranded. No cell service and no back up motor. We noticed a boat that went by earlier ...and at this point our only option was to wait and pray.....and try not to panic. Behold across the lake a boat was headed in our direction!

It was the RCMP pontoon boat! Thank goodness! Two constables from Mission detachment came to
our rescue!!! Probably the last thing they would want to do because we all knew it was going to be a
very slow tow. It took 2.5 hours to get us safely back to the dock. Both constables were very
professional, very friendly and gracious!! If it wasn't for them, who knows what would have happened to us. We honestly can't thank you enough!



Détachement rural de Tk èmlups

A BIG thank you to the Three officers who came to our rescue on Saturday from the Kamloops rural detachment.

Our day started off great we were following my husband and my father-in-law on their motor bikes for a drive in the lac du bois grasslands. We were separated from the boys during a bathroom stop and followed the same path we planned on going with them figuring we'd find them a few feet ahead, after a few minutes we found the roads becoming a bit treacherous and agreed to turn around the next area we had space too, well.... there wasn't anywhere to turn around, so we looked on the map and saw that we were almost out on the other side of things and since the road behind was steep, it was easier to keep going down then to try going back up. We got to a fork in the road to the left was gated and locked and to the right the road was washed out and so we tried to go back the way we came and the vehicle wouldn't have any of that.

We were stranded. With two kids.

My mother-in-law walked around till she got a cell signal, she was able to contact 9-1-1 to reach for help, the operators on the line were extremely helpful and assured us they would get us out of there safely, even if they had to get search and rescue to ATV us out. We contacted our family to make sure our Hubbys made it back ok.

Three RCMP officers found us, they were amazing. Not once did they make us feel stupid or ashamed for getting ourselves into a predicament like this. In fact they told my mother-in-law she was an awesome driver for getting through the roads so smoothly. They made us feel safe, they told us they were just here doing their job and not to feel bad for needing them. They stayed there with us for hours, we finally got a plan to get our family to go around and meet us in the other side of the washed out road to walk through and get the kids and ourselves to safety, there was a final officer who stayed with us, RIGHT UNTIL THE END, even though he knew we had family coming to get us from the other end, he never left. He stayed with us for hours! He made sure we were safe and even stayed with us while some local ATV path riders helped us all to get through the washout with their winch.

I tried so hard to make a mental note of all of the officers names especially the one who stayed with us to the end, but of course in my motherly panic and adrenaline it has slipped my mind,

But to the final officer who stayed please know from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you so much. Thank you for staying with us and keeping us safe, thank you for everything you did. It'll never be forgotten.

You are literally our Heroes.

With much appreciation and thanks,

The Pecks (Siobhan, Marissa, Liam and Desmond)

Photos ci-dessous : Camionnette très sale du gendarme Buck, photographiée lorsque celui-ci est rentré au Détachement rural de Tk’emlúps.

Camionnette très sale du gendarme Buck, photographiée lorsque celui-ci est rentré au Détachement rural de Tk’emlúps.


Hope 2017-05-26

Hello, I have a small story that happened to my family over the long weekend that I would like to share (it's a feel good story)

On my way home from camping with my wife, two daughters and dogs my truck (towing a trailer) blew a transmission cooler line spraying fluid everywhere. This happened between Peter's road exit and flood hope rd right after the scales.

Fortunately for me one of your fine highway patrol men saw this happen and zoomed up behind me, using his patrol car to block traffic so I could assess the situation without worrying of vehicles. This was so much appreciated. I have been in the same position before and it really sucks.

Not only did he help with traffic, he also held traffic until I was able to get to speed, followed me up to the next exit, and then followed up making sure we were all Okay.

He went above and beyond what I could ever ask for. I wasn't able to get his name as I had a lot on my plate, but if this could somehow make it's way out so he may read it.

Thank you. Thank you very much.



Chilliwack 2017-05-10

Lettre reçue au bureau de la Police communautaire de la GRC de Chilliwack situé sur la rue Wellington.

Lettre reçue au bureau de la Police communautaire de la GRC de Chilliwack situé sur la rue Wellington.

Chilliwack 2017-04-19

Today while walking in chilliwack I dropped my purse and everything that was in it scattered so I knelt down to pick everything up. A police officer drove up behind me and immediately pulled over, obviously thinking I was hunched over because I was hurt or upset. She parked and came up to me and asked if I was ok. She was so kind, and so concerned, and it really impressed me to see such a friendly and caring face! I didn't catch her name, but she is black and appeared to be younger than thirty! I hope you can figure out who she was and tell her I say thank you for caring!



West Shore 2017-03-17

Seul ang) Thank you @WesthoreRCMP for all you do! Well...I have to say I am pretty happy with the police presence in our neighbourhood lately. On Sunday night a girl was attacked and sexually assault within about 500 feet of our house. That night we had police parked outside while they looked for the guy and then the next night they were parked in the shadows watching people. Tonight I had a knock on the door from a constable who was canvassing the area to ask is anyone saw anything. Apparently they came around the other day but we weren't home, so they came back today to make sure they talked to us. Crazy stuff can happen, even when you think it is safe. Just a reminder to everyone to be careful out there. I wish I could say, "don't attack people" and everyone would be safe, but sady that isn't a reality. You can choose your own actions but not someone else's. Make smart choices.


Comox Valley 2017-03-14

Joan Cotter attended today to pass on a huge thank you to the members who attended with EHS to assist her son R. Macdonald today.

Ms. Cotter stated that her son has had a brain injury and has some difficulties with mobility and after falling out of bed, he could only think to call 911. (In order to gain entry, and avoid damaging a door or window, they entered through a dog door).

Macdonald was so impressed by the professionalism and quick response by the RCMP and Ambulance and wanted to pass on his thank you!



Richmond - 2017-03-10

Dear Officers,

My wife (Sandra) and I would like to thank Constable Galbraith for his quick and professional response to our report of the loss of her laptop at the Richmond Centre on Friday (March 10) afternoon.

He was quick on the scene after Sandra had filed the report by phone.

To our relief, someone had found the laptop and returned it to the Richmond Centre security office at around 7.45 pm. Constable Galbraith retrieved it from the office and returned it to us.

He was a calming influence during our panic as the computer contains a lot of valuable personal and professional information.

Thank you RCMP and Constable Galbraith for giving us confidence that we’re in good hands.




Sun Peaks - Kamloops 2017-02-21

You folks are AMAZING!
3 families from Ontario arrived to ski at Sun Peaks yesterday. At the end of the day when we realized that 5 of our loved ones had not arrived home the Sun Peak ski patrol (Jay and Chris) and team swung into action! They next contacted the RCMP and Josh Buck was our contact. After several hours about 21:00 hrs 3 of our young adults thankfully appeared to the Search and Rescue truck where the team and our contact Kevin looked after our children as well as our needs. We were still missing 2 adult
males as well as we learned that there were 2 other men also still at large. Many hours later well into the wee hours of the morning the persistence of the drone team located our party of 2. The rescue teams then pinpointed the location of our family members and brought them to safety!

Many thanks to all for your patience, persistence and forever calming spirit. We are forever indebted to you and your teams of awesome volunteers! Please pass this on to the teams and members involved in last night's heroic endeavor.

On behalf of all of our grateful families


Vernon/North Okanagan, 2017-02-15

Le 15 fév., la GRC de Vernon-Okanagan-Nord a reçu par la poste ce mot de remerciement d’un élève de l’école primaire Silverstar, à Vernon.

mot de remerciement d’un élève de l’école primaire Silverstar, à Vernon. Disponible en anglais seulement Dear Cops, hi cops thank you for protecting the world. The world wouldn't be the same without you. The world would be in true terror, signed Luca

Shawnigan Lake, 2017-01-30

My name is Brian Doucet and your contact information was provided to me from my friend Rob Webb.
Shortly before Christmas, I believe you stopped my son Jackson in a new driver overloading situation at Shawnigan Lake School arena. Rightly so, as he is 17 and was about to leave school driving a vehicle carrying 3 other people. I am sure the vast majority of others in your situation would have written up a ticket but instead you presented him an option. I may be off in the finer details as it took Jackson a week to gather the courage to tell me but my understanding is you gave him the choice of writing a 1 page paper reasoning why overloading should be a law or accepting the ticket. He told me he accepted your offer and completed the paper for you.

I want to thank you for giving that young man the opportunity to learn so many important lessons from his mistake. Jackson already has a strong sense of community but you have deepened that reasoning for him and in a time when there is so much backlash and negative media against the various police forces you showed him an understanding side. We took the time to talk about overloading and the dangers and distractions it presents to new drivers. I am certain he is more enlightened to those facts now and of the responsibility he has.

Thank you for the way you handled this situation, i am sure you dont hear it often enough.



North Vancouver 2017-01-10

Mardi dernier, soit le 10 janvier, quelqu’un est venu remettre une carte de remerciements (ci-jointe) et des fleurs à un préposé à l’accueil du Détachement de la GRC de North Vancouver (les fleurs se trouvent toujours sur le comptoir à l’accueil). Les présents étaient de la part de la famille Aminzadeh, de North Vancouver.

Narges Aminzadeh tenait à exprimer toute sa reconnaissance aux policiers du Détachement pour le soutien qu’ils lui ont apporté et le professionnalisme dont ils ont fait preuve lorsque sa maison familiale a entièrement brûlé en mai 2012.

Narges, maintenant âgée de 75 ans, m’a raconté que les membres de sa famille avaient tout perdu en Iran avant de fuir vers le Canada. Lorsqu’ils ont tout perdu de nouveau après l’incendie, ce fut une dure épreuve pour eux. Cependant, quelques années ont passé, et ils ont rebâti une nouvelle maison ainsi qu’une nouvelle vie. Son époux a été grièvement brûlé au visage, mais les membres de sa famille s’estiment tout de même heureux que la vie leur ait donné une nouvelle chance. La dame a mentionné qu’elle était à la retraite, mais qu’auparavant, elle enseignait dans une école. Elle a réitéré que sa famille devait beaucoup aux membres de la GRC de North Vancouver pour tout ce qu’ils ont fait pour elle.

Une carte de recmerciements - seul anglais

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