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West Coast Marine, Aboriginal Policing Services

2017-12-11 09:52 PST

The RCMP West Coast Marine Services consists of 3 Catamaran patrol vessels. The unit covers the BC coastline from Alaska to Oregon.

The majority of patrols focus on the many remote communities along the coast. There are no roads leading to these communities as they are only accessible by boat. Officers focus a lot of their time with the youth. School visits, along with Youth camps and other community events allow the officers to touch base with the youth, which brings a positive outlook towards the RCMP. This initiative helps keep a good line of communication between the RCMP and the communities they serve.

A recent example of Community Policing occurred in mid-November while attending to the Owekeeno First Nations in a remote Mainland Inlet (Rivers Inlet). The community members were concerned over a small bear cub that was orphaned and had been roaming the community.

The small cub had lost his mother when she was attacked by a grizzly bear. West Coast Marine Constables located the cub and were able to coax him into a small dog kennel. The cub was then transferred to a larger holding area. Conservation officers from Port hardy flew into Owekeeno and picked up the cub. The cub is now doing well at a recovery centre.

photo of bear 
Photo of bear

The community was very pleased that the time was taken by both agencies to look after the young cub.


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