Crime Prevention Posters

Are you looking for Crime Prevention resources for your office, building, or school?

RCMP Crime Prevention services offers a variety of printable, customizable posters for your use.
These resources are free for your use, just complete them with the number for the campus/building security or the police in your community.

Keep Everything Locked Down 

Keep Everything Locked Down

Make sure your room door is locked & your belongings are secure before you head out. Do not use your card to swipe other people into the building.

Be Vigilant at all times.

Be Vigilant At All Times

Always keep your possessions out of sight & be aware of your surroundings.

 Make sure everything is locked up whenever you'll be away.

Make Sure Everything is Locked Up Whenever You Leave

Do not leave notes on your door advertising your whereabouts & how long you'll be away for.


There is Safety in numbers

There is Safety in Numbers

Always walk in groups in well-lit areas or jump on a shuttle.

Keep your Possessions close to you at all times.

Keep Your Possessions Close To You At All Times

Don't leave valuables unattended or unlocked.

Make sure your ride is locked up tight.

Make Sure Your Ride Is Locked Up Tight

Remove all valuables out of the sight & check that the locks are secure before heading off.


Understanding Sexual Consent - A pocket guide

Understanding Sexual Consent - A pocket guide

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Consent is feeling...

  • sober
  • certain
  • comfortable
  • willing
  • informed
  • respected

Consent is not feeling...

  • scared
  • drunk/high
  • pressured
  • ignored
  • disrespected
  • confused

Try to express yourself clearly. Need someone to talk to?

Try to express yourself clearly.

Even if you've consented to start a sexual act with someone, you have the right to stop it at any time. Consenting to one kind of sexual activity does not automatically mean consenting to another.

If you don't want to do something, try to leave the situation or say: Please stop!

You need to actively seek consent!

The person initiating sexual activity needs to take reasonable steps to establish consent. If you are unsure, stop and ask: Is this okay?

If someone doesn't give you consent for sexual activity don't feel rejected.

Sexual assault is any forced sexual act done to a person without his/her consent.

Need someone to talk to?

Call: 1-800-563+0808
Text: 604-836-6381

Police Emergency: 911
Non Emergency: Contact your local police or Victim Services

For more information: Center For Youth Crime Prevention


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