Pedestrian Safety

Both pedestrians and drivers have a responsibility to ensure that both parties remain safe in their travels. Below are some tips that all pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, and vehicles should practice.


Pedestrian dressed in black

CBC’s top five tips for parents to teach pedestrian safety to their children:


Check out this dash-cam video from one our Traffic officers' police cruiser. What do you see?



[title]Surrey RCMP Police Dash Cam Video [/title]


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View from Surrey RCMP Dash Cam video, the police officer is driving in residential neighbourhood, which is lined with street lights, at the posted speed limit. Conditions are clear and dry. The police car is approaching a fully marked crosswalk and not until the vehicle is almost on top of the crosswalk is a pedestrian seen standing in the middle of the road. The pedestrian is wearing a dark jacket and light blue jeans.

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